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Brian Wolfe: City Port Commission, Vancouver

Brian Wolfe, who was elected to the Port of Vancouver Board of Commissioners in 2005, is currently President of the Board, and is running for another term. Mr. Wolfe was previously endorsed by the Loo Wit Group of the Sierra Club and is again recommended for endorsement.Brian Wolfe is well-informed, thoughtful, and his knowledge of Port issues is wide reaching. Mr. Wolfe is a “hands-on” commissioner and works closely with the Port’s environmental staff. He continues to value input from the environmental community. The issues Brian touched on in his endorsement interview were: wetlands, Vancouver Lake, the need to maintain livability along the port, development of trails along the Boise Cascade site, and building capacity for local jobs as well as cargo. Mr. Wolfe maintains the vision and principles which earned our original endorsement he brings an awareness and concern for environmental issues to the Port of Vancouver.