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Sharon Wylie: State Representative #1, District 49

Sharon Wylie was appointed to the position of State Representative for the 49th district in April 2011, and is currently running for that position in the November special election.

Ms. Wylie is well prepared and well informed. From 1993-1998 Sharon served as an Oregon Legislator in State House District 22 in Gresham. Perhaps most impressive is her passion, enthusiasm and clear articulation of issues pertaining to education, jobs and protection of vulnerable citizens. Within these categories she sees environmental protection as a foundation that supports much of her work. She wants to ensure that targeted jobs and industries protect and/or enhance the environment and would prioritize environmental values.

She was a pioneer in developing local, sustainable agriculture and organized one of the first successful farmer’s markets in Gresham in 1986. She also was an early supporter of maintaining small farms near urban areas in order to reduce the environmental effects of truck transport of fresh fruits and vegetables.

She is a strong advocate who can craft arguments that appeal to groups that may be passive or non-supportive. She intends to focus on projects/issues that can get us beyond the current fiscal crisis and move forward to long-term solutions of problems. In terms of environmental issues, she believes that it is important to provide funding as well as incentives to avoid conflicts based on cost. She is willing to speak up about the value of paying for environmental consequences early rather later.

Ms. Wylie seems to be able to balance pragmatic and political reality with a far-reaching, optimistic vision for a better and “greener” future. For more information visit the Sharon Wylie Campaign Website.