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Chris Eggen: City Council #2, Shoreline

CHRIS EGGEN has supported renewable energy, salmon recovery, preservation of open space, responsible recycling and composting, and expansion of transit while on the Shoreline City Council. He represents Shoreline on the WRIA8 Salmon Recovery Board and on the King County Municipal Solid Waste Advisory Committee and is a member of the Regional Transit Committee, the Puget Sound Region Transportation Policy Board, and the Growth Management Planning Council. On the GMPC he took the lead in getting renewable energy into the King County Planning Policies. He sponsored an ordinance in Shoreline to require future multifamily apartments to have charging areas for electric cars and space for recycling bins. He also supported solar on the new city hall. Finally, he sponsored a zoning ordinance to create a park at the old Aldercrest school site. http://chriseggenforshoreline.com/