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Jessica Greenway: City Council #4, Kirkland

Jessica Greenway has been a leader in environmental stewardship in Kirkland and throughout the region for 25 years: as a Kirkland City Councilmember, as a Kirkland Park Board Member and Planning Commission Member, and as a citizen activist. She is a strong advocate for preservation of parks, green space, and natural areas. She understands that environmental stewardship includes land use that concentrates density close to transportation corridors and services, and is a champion of creating a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) on the South Kirkland Park and Ride. She was instrumental in bring many different interests together to get this project approved. She helped design the Kirkland Transit Center in partnership with Sound Transit to create an efficient, safe and convenient center for transit users in Kirkland. Jessica serves on the Kirkland Finance Committee, Housing Committee, Economic Development Committee and has a long history of leadership in projects and efforts that the Sierra Club supports.