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Adam Smith: U.S. Representative, District C9

Adam Smith was born on June 15, 1965, in Washington, D.C. Adopted as an infant, he was raised in SeaTac, Washington where his father, Ben, worked as a ramp serviceman at SeaTac Airport and was active in the local Machinists’ Union. His mother, Leila, stayed at home, raising Adam and his two brothers. Adam attended Bow Lake Elementary, Chinook Middle School, and Tyee High School, graduating from Tyee in 1983. Adam attended the University Of Washington School Of Law, and earned his law degree in 1990. During his final year at UW, Adam decided to run for the State Senate in the 33rd Legislative District, where he grew up. He campaigned door to door, eventually doorbelling the entire district twice and defeating the 16 year incumbent in the 1990 elections. During his time in the State Senate, Adam developed a reputation as a moderate Democrat, with a thoughtful and common sense approach to governance.

In 1996, Adam decided to run for Washington State’s Ninth Congressional District. The District, which had been newly created after the 1990 census, was drawn as a swing-district by Washington State’s bi-partisan redistricting commission. The District lived up to that reputation by electing a Democrat in 1992 and a Republican in 1994. Adam ran against incumbent Randy Tate and in one of the most closely watched races in the country, defeated him 50%-47%.

The Sierra Club has endorsed and supported Rep. Smith since his first Congressional campaign. He has always been a steady and strong supporter of environmental issues. Rep. Smith is the ranking Democratic member of the House Armed Services Committee. This position and this Committee are nationally and internationally significant for a variety of reasons. It has key environmental responsibilities, including oversight of the Corps of Engineers and Energy as a national security matter. Rep. Smith is a Co-Sponsor of the Giffords Energy Security Act and the American Clean Energy and Security Act. In addition, Rep. Smithand the Committee are extremely important in this region. Rep. Smith will play a major role in many of our issues, including Coal, our Olympics Initiative, land use, Puget Sound, local transportation and marine habitat. For example, Rep. Smith has been a strong supporter of the Military's Net Zero Sustainability Program and of mass transportation priorities and funding, including Link Light Rail Expansion.