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Denny Heck: U.S. Representative, District C10

Sierra Club is pleased to announce our endorsement of Denny Heck for U.S. Congress in the new 10th Congressional District - WA.

As Chief of Staff to Governor Booth Gardner from 1989 to 1993, Heck was involved in the implementation of several far-reaching environmental policies. For four years he fought for the development, passage, and maintenance of Washington’s Growth Management Act. Heck also worked on protecting wetlands through the Governor’s Executive Order 90-04 in 1990. Additionally, Heck worked on the legislative and communications strategy for the Governor’s office to pass Washington’s Clean Air Act in 1991. All of these efforts remain important regulatory measures to this day.

In Heck’s own words, “We are truly blessed here in Washington to live in a place with remarkable natural resources. We must work to protect our environment and ensure that our natural resources remain healthy. This is not only the right thing to do for our children and grandchildren; it’s the smart thing to do for our economy. There are incredible opportunities in Washington to grow our economy through clean energy projects and the creation of green jobs. We can make targeted, clean-energy investments that save energy and create jobs. Private and public investments in commercial building retrofitting, household retrofitting, solar panel installation, and other clean energy and energy conservation projects will expand the demand for skilled labor in our local communities and put us on the path to a more sustainable relationship with our environment.”

Washington is one of the most beautiful and healthy places in the United States. We need to keep it that way, by electing good leaders who will stand up to over-reaching corporate influences.