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Jim Malinowski: County PUD Commission #1, Clark County

Mr. Malinowski has and impressive background. He retired from Pacific Gas & electric company after a 31 year career. He is familiar with and/or has working knowledge of the complex of complicated workings of issues relating to power including: wind, solar, and hydroelectric. He is currently teaching Power Utilities Technology at Clark College.

His endorsement interview was wide ranging and informative. Mr. Malinowski was able to explain the challenges of the energy production by clearly explaining, among other things: the intricacies and viability of the “grid”, storage problems of renewable energy, and the impressive benefits of conservation. A sample of his comments are outlined below.

Mr. Malinowski is a strong supporter of conservation and believes that the utility could provide more extensive energy audits to inform consumers of their conservation options. The PUD could also rate the energy efficiency of new homes, (similar to appliance rating).

He believes that “developing affordable energy storage options is critical to support of renewable resource alternative such as solar and wind technologies. The PUD should encourage BPA to actively develop such capability. The public needs to be far better informed about the benefits of conservation both to themselves and society.

He is committed to energy production which is sustainable, reliable, affordable, and practical. He has the knowledge to insure that decisions made by the PUD commissioners will actually be able to support these goals. He will not be swayed by current trends, unless they will actually benefit the consumer, society and the environment.