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Natalie McClendon: State Representative #1, District 42

Natalie McClendon has been active in Whatcom County politics, serving as the Democratic Committee Chairperson for the past 5 years. Her efforts have enhanced the effectiveness of the Whatcom Democrats in state and local elections, and she brings to this race an excellent background in campaign organizing. Her opponent, the first-term incumbent Jason Overstreet is a reactionary tea-party member that has even alienated some of his republican party-members by his knee-jerk opposition to enacting legislation. He has scored zero ratings on both labor and the environment. Natalie is an excellent candidate to unseat him, with her extensive history organizing in Whatcom County.

While Natalie is balancing a labor and environmental constituency, she has ties to the Sierra Club that extend back to 35 years of membership. She worked for the Lone Star Chapter and was a volunteer leader in the Nebraska Chapter, and met her future husband on a Sierra Club canoe outing on the Missouri River. Her platform balances the labor and environmental interests in her district; she has pledged to work to create a business climate in Washington that promotes clean, sustainable 21st century jobs.