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Eric Teegarden: County PUD Commission #2, Snohomish County

In his 2006 campaign for Snohomish County PUD, Pos. 2, Eric Teegarden proposed a program of PUD-backed loans offering an affordable way to finance grid-tied solar power systems, a proposal opposed by his opponent, Kathy Vaughn. In 2008, the PUD implemented this proposal as part of the award-winning Solar Express Program. Eric also forecast the dramatic spike in energy costs that we have witnessed in the ensuing six years.

With his advanced technical training (Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Geophysics, Master’s degree In Environmental Science and Engineering), his hands-on experience in the renewable energy field as a system designer and engineer (working with all the major utilities in Western Washington on solar, wind and geothermal systems), and his visionary grasp of the challenges of today and the possibilities of tomorrow, Eric is the clear choice in this race.