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Make Calls for the Forward On Climate Rally: Feb 17 2013 in DC

Today President Obama delivered a powerful and visionary inaugural address that made fighting climate change a key focus of his next term: "We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations." We applaud the President for his bold words.

Last week, the Sierra Club launched our Obama Climate Legacy and Clean Energy Project. Only the president of the United States can lead a response to climate disruption on the scale we need. The president must fire up our clean-energy economy, challenge Big Oil, and stand up to the political and PR bullies who promote the industry and oil profits above all other American interests. 2013 must be the year of climate solutions, and the first step President Obama must take is to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

On Sunday, February 17, Presidents Day Weekend, thousands of Americans will gather in Washington, D.C., for the Forward on Climate rally. Part of the Sierra Club's Obama Climate Legacy 100 Days of Action, this will be the largest climate rally in U.S. history, and we want you there to demonstrate to the White House the urgency of moving forward on climate in 2013. Forward on Climate will show President Obama just how large the climate movement has become and how important this issue is to our future -- but that can't happen without you. It's up to us to make this the largest climate rally in history.

To make sure everyone can get to D.C., activists will be calling Sierra Club members and supporters to let them know about the rally and confirm their RSVP. By signing up to help make calls, you'll be joining an engaging activist community and taking a huge step towards making this rally a success. Sign up here to help.