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Keep Shell Out of the Arctic - For Good!

First the good news: Shell Oil finally admitted that its drill ships are not up to the task of safely operating in the Polar Bear Seas this year, and they will be sending them to be repaired in Asia. This will make it very difficult (though not impossible) for Shell to drill this summer.

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Now for the bad news: this is not the end of Shell's efforts to drill for oil in the Arctic.With your hundreds of thousands of voices, we've been able to hold them off for the last year. But we need your support to permanently put a stop to Shell's attempts to drill for oil in America's Arctic.

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The Arctic is already warming at twice the rate as the rest of the planet. This is causing huge problems for animals like polar bears, who are having a harder and harder time finding food as their environment changes and their habitat disappears. But drilling in the Arctic would deliver a one-two punch to one of our most pristine landscapes. Not only would drilling rigs destroy the beauty of one of our wild areas, but dredging up new fossil fuels and burning them into the atmosphere will only make climate change worse, further melting the Arctic.

With your help, Sierra Club played a big part in making sure Shell was not able to drill in the Arctic last year. Together we sent over a million comments to President Obama. We raised the profile of this important issue through events and letters to the editor in communities across the nation. And we fought Shell in court when they tried to sue us for working to protect the Polar Bear Seas. Thank you for playing your part in making sure Shell couldn't further destroy our Arctic and our climate by drilling in the Polar Bear Seas last year. But our work is not over.

The Polar Bear Seas and our climate have been given a second chance. Help us use this second chance to make sure they are protected for years to come -- by making a donation now.

Last year, you stopped Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic, and we can stop them again.

Thank you for everything you do for our wild places,

Dan RitzmanSierra Club Arctic Campaign Director

P.S. To further help ensure that Shell stays out of America's Arctic, please take action by sending a message to President Obama.