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WA Climate Action Bill Passes State Senate

Governor-request and Environmental Priority legislation would convene state leaders to address climate change

OLYMPIA, Wash., March 13, 2013 - Governor Inslee's Climate Action bill (SB 5802) passed the State Senate today on a bipartisan 37 to 12 vote. The bill now heads to the State House, where a companion bill is also in play (HB 1915). The Senate bill is sponsored by Senator Kevin Ranker, the House bill by Representative Dave Upthegrove.

"The Governor's climate action bill is a critical first step towards growing our clean energy economy and reducing our climate pollution," said Joan Crooks, executive director of Washington Environmental Council and co-chair of the Environmental Priorities Coalition. "The environmental community will work with Governor Inslee and legislators to ensure a strong version of this bill gets to the Governor's desk to be signed." SB 5802 would evaluate the climate pollution reduction programs of other states and Canadian provinces, and analyze opportunities for new job-producing investments in Washington relating to cleaner energy and greater energy efficiency. It would convene the Governor and legislative leaders to develop policies to ensure we achieve our climate pollution limits for 2020 and beyond (set in statute in 2008 by Environmental Priority legislation).

The Governor's Climate Action bill is part of the environmental community's Clean Energy Solutions Priority, which also includes making solar energy more affordable and accessible (HB 1106), improving equipment efficiency (SHB 1017), and closing a $63 million tax loophole for Big Oil.



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