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Keep Unwanted Pharmaceuticals Out of Our Water and Homes

Did you know that medicines such as antibiotics, hormones and antidepressants have been found in many of our streams and waterways?

Right now, the King County Board of Health is considering adoption of a landmark medicine return policy. This policy would hold drug manufacturers responsible for paying for programs that remove unwanted or unused drugs from homes. We need a secure medicine take-back program in King County. The drug companies strongly oppose this policy and it's vital that the Board of Health hear from those of us who support medicine take-back. Please send an email to the Board of Health letting them know that you support a medicine return program.

Leftover drugs that accumulate in homes increase risks of drug abuse, overdoses, and preventable poisonings. Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem in the country, and deaths associated with medicine overdoses have topped car accidents as the primary cause of accidental deaths. To make matters worse these drugs often find their way into our streams and rivers, and subsequently into fish and wildlife. We need your help to show support. Please send an email to the Board of Health.

Thank you!