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Robert Thoms: City Council #2, Tacoma

From his questionnaire answers and interview, we believe Robert Thoms clearly has more knowledge, experience and understanding of environmental issues in Tacoma issues than his opponent. He has been temporarily appointed to fill the council seat vacated by Jake Fey in January 2013. He currently runs a management consulting firm. A few years ago he worked as a staffer for Sen. Cantwell in the Pierce County area promoting the passage of federal legislation to help prevent companies like Asarco from walking away from clean-up responsibilities by declaring bankruptcy. Mr. Thoms wants to be sure the pathway being developed from the Foss waterway to Pt. Defiance gets completed for pedestrians and bikes. He supports the transportation funding packages, such as motor vehicle excise taxes or sales tax options, being proposed in the legislature to support Pierce Transit. He believes more crosswalks should be developed in the city, but with more consideration of public input. His opponent, a downtown small business advocate-activist, does not have the in-depth understanding of the environmental sustainability issues as does Mr. Thoms, who has been working closely with Ryan Mello, the foremost green leader on the current Council. He is staying informed on environmental sustainability issues such as the City’s Shoreline and Transportation Master Plans, and would best represent our green interests in this race.