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Yes On Initiative 522: Vote YES (State Initiative)

Vote YES on Initiative 522: Label Genetically Modified Foods

It may seem to be a fundamental right to know if your food was produced using genetic engineering. But today there‘s no federal or state law that requires food producers to label genetically modified (GM) foods. Without laws mandating disclosure, consumers may unknowingly violate their own dietary and religious restrictions. That’s why the Sierra Club supports Initiative 522: a new statewide bill that calls for GM foods to be labeled.

Thousands of citizens, farmers, health professionals, business owners and consumer advocates have come out in favor of I-522. Business including Whole Foods, PCC, Loki’s Fish Company, Full Circle Farms and Theo’s Chocolates are joining together to insist that GM foods be labeled. And according to a recent article from EcoWatch, 64 percent of likely voters support labeling of GM foods.

Yet despite widespread public support of I-522, chemical and agribusiness powerhouse Monsanto has spent $4.5 million so far fighting passage of I-522.

Grocery store food labels identify nutrients such as sodium, sugar, and trans-fatty acids, so why not label GM foods as well? Please join us to help us get this historic bill passed. Our families and generations to come will benefit from the action we take now.

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