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Victoria Woodards: City Council #6, Tacoma

Ms. Woodards was first elected to the Tacoma City Council for her first term in 2009. Prior to her service on the Council, she was elected to Tacoma’s Metropolitan Parks Board of Commissioners in 2004 where she served until 2009 as its President. Though her expertise has been in the human services area, including social justice for ethnic minorities, veterans and the disadvantaged, she has demonstrated her commitment to health and environmental causes in her first term. She has made important votes for Pierce Transit funding proposals, “Complete Streets” and the Mobility Master Plan implementation. She is closely aligned with the current green leader on the Council, Council member Ryan Mello. She strongly supports Prop. 1 (utility tax for improvement of streets for vehicles, bikes and pedestrians) on the upcoming November 2013 ballot. She has committed to support a plastic bag ordinance that should be considered by the Council in upcoming months. Her opponent in this non-partisan race is currently in jail and has never been a serious candidate for the job. Council Member Woodards is the clear choice of the Sierra Club for this position.