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Carl Weimer : County Council #3, Whatcom County

Now serving his second term on the Whatcom County Council, Carl Weimer is a passionate environmentalist with the expertise and environmental credentials we need to win the fight against the Gateway Pacific Terminal project in Whatcom County. Weimer is a national leader in the push for strong pipeline safety standards at the national and state levels. As the Executive Director of the National Pipeline Safety Trust, Carl has testified on pipeline safety to Congress, served as a witness during disaster investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board, and organized seven national pipeline safety conferences. He is often cited by the news media as an independent and trustworthy source of pipeline safety information. Weimer serves on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Technical Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Standards Committee and on the steering committee for DOT’s Pipeline and Informed Planning Alliance. He’s also a member of the Governor-appointed Washington State Citizens Committee on Pipeline Safety. http://voteweimer.com/