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Outing: Anderson-Watson Lakes Near Mt. Baker!

Saturday, August 2nd, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Aug 2nd 2014
Leader: Harry Romberg

Distance: 4 miles roundtrip

Elevation Gain: 1100ft

Highest Point: 4900ft.

Notes: Since this outing enters wilderness, we are limited on the number of people we can take. Animals are included in this limit number of 12 “heart beats” in any one party. Thus, dogs must be leashed in wilderness areas and are unfortunately discouraged for this hike so that we can save those spots for additional people. Thank you for understanding.

Full description with hike reports can be found on the Washington Trails Association Website.

Beautiful backcountry lakes, bountiful berry patches, glimpses of glaciers, and the option of hoofing to an old lookout site overlooking Baker and peaks and valleys north and south-no wonder this area is darn popular. The trails are short and wonderful for introducing young'uns to the great outdoors, but there's a fair amount of elevation to be gained to and fro, so be sure to bring the kid harness or at least extra chocolate bars. Begin hiking in handsome hemlocks hedged with heather. In a quick 0.9 mile come to a junction (elev. 4800 ft). The trail left climbs to the shoulder of Anderson Butte. Continuing on the main trail, be sure to occasionally look back as you gently ascend through marshy meadows-Mount Baker hovers in the distance.

After rounding a 4900-foot rise, the trail reenters forest and drops, coming to another junction at 1.5 miles (elev. 4700 ft). The trail right drops 300 feet in a rough 0.5 mile, arriving at the lower of the three Anderson Lakes (elev. 4400 ft). Cradled in a semi-open basin beneath glacial-capped Mount Watson, it's a pretty scene. But, if you have to choose between Anderson and the Watson lakes, go for the latter.

The trail for the Watsons climbs 200 feet to a small notch, enters wilderness, and then drops 500 feet to arrive at the western lake (elev. 4400 ft). Follow a boot-beaten path to the larger and more open eastern lake. Glacier-clad Bacon Peak rising behind the two lakes hogs the show. For all three lakes, the bugs can be bad, and the berries can be good!

Please RSVP via email to graham.taylor@sierraclub.org or call (206) 378-0114 x 328 for directions, ride sharing and other important details.