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Outing: Baker Lake - Maple Grove

Sunday, July 6th, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, Jul 6th 2014
Leader: Harry Romberg

Distance: 8 miles roundtrip

Elevation Gain: 500ft

Highest Point: 1000ft.

Notes: Since this outing enters wilderness, we are limited on the number of people we can take. Animals are included in this limit number of 12 “heart beats” in any one party. Thus, dogs must be leashed in wilderness areas and are unfortunately discouraged for this hike so that we can save those spots for additional people. Thank you for understanding.

Full description with hike reports can be found on the Washington Trails Association Website.

Magnificent old growth forests, stellar views of Mount Baker, turbulent tributaries,and, of course, a beautiful lake make this trail a great path to travel.

The trail flanks the eastern edge of Baker Lake, created by the 1959 damming of the Baker River. Starting from either the north or south trailhead, hikers will encounter a forest of maturing Douglas firs. Cedar used to dominate, but the 1843 eruption of Mount Baker triggered a forest fire, reducing the old-growth cedars to burnt snags.

Cedar remains among the towering firs provide evidence of this historical event. Along the trail, foliage, fungus, lichen and moss never fail to impress. Mushrooms dot the forest floor allowing hikers to forage for fabulous fungus as they traipse through the woods, and the towering trees draped with old man’s beard provide shelter from the drizzly mist that accompanies most winter hikes in the Northwest.