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I-933: Land Use Initiative: Vote NO (State Initiative)

The title of this ballot measure begins: "Initiative Measure 933 concerns government regulation of private property. This measure would require compensation when government regulation damages the value of private property."

Sounds pretty innocuous, doesn't it? And the short title of the initiative, "The Property Fairness Act," sounds pretty good. Who could be against fairness?

But in fact, I-933 is backed by big developers who want to roll back ten years of community protections against unplanned development. It doesn't protect the small property owner. Instead, it opens loopholes for the big guys. I-933 would simply define the past ten years of growth management law as damaging the value of private property. No evidence is provided.

Here's how "fairness" will work under this act. You, the taxpayer, will continue to pay for public infrastructure such as roads, the electric grid, and sewer systems – valuable investiments that increase the value of nearby land. Irresponsible developers will scoop up this land and then claim that laws restricting the size, density, and overall environmental impacts of their projects are "damaging" the value of their property.

Taxpayers will have to either pay developers to obey the law or give exemptions, allowing them to make quick profits by putting in a sprawling new subdivision or a Wal-Mart. So developers first benefit from public infrastructure that they don't have to pay for. Then, when asked to observe wise growth guidelines to protect the community that paid for those amenities, they file suit and claim the taxpayer owes them.

Don't be taken in by the "fairness" language of I-933. Vote NO.

Visit the website: http://noon933.org/