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Carolyn Edmonds: County Council #1, King County

In her single term as a council member, Edmonds has already become a standard bearer for habitat conservation, water-quality protection, and greenhouse gas reductions. She took the helm of the Natural Resources and Utilities Committee and has shown she not only supports the goals of the Sierra Club but has the political skills to deliver tangible results.

She helped shape the Critical Areas Ordinance – a measure that protects salmon streams from the encroachment of development – and publicly defended it when landowners protested. She played a strong role in conserving hundreds of acres of undeveloped land, and this year lobbied the legislature in support of the “Clean Car” emissions standards. Finally, Edmonds has shown admirable initiative in her work with the Washington State Association of Counties, which she has pushed to adopt policies more in line with King County’s models of sustainability.

Edmonds’ opponent, Bob Ferguson, also supports core environmental goals, but lacks Edmonds’ record of accomplishment and has not shown that he can play well with his Democratic colleagues.