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Royce Pollard: Mayor, Vancouver

“The Loo Wit Group loves Royce Pollard, and we’re very excited to be able to endorse him again,” said Linda McClain, political chair of the Loo Wit Group. “This year he deserves special recognition for signing the US Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement which was passed unanimously by the US Conference of Mayors in June.”

Since Pollard was first elected in 1995, Vancouver has seen the addition of many new parks and the creation of a vibrant downtown. Before, residents often drove to Portland for recreation, but now they can live, shop and play locally.

“Most of us remember the day Mayor Pollard rode his bike through Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver and vowed to make it part of his plan for our city,” said McClain. “Now the park is alive with people. Recent December tree lighting ceremonies have been attended by over a thousand people. In the past they were lucky to get a hundred.”

Esther Short Park has also become home to a farmers market, visited by thousands throughout the summer.