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Lawrence Molloy: Port Commission #1, Seattle

The Sierra Club endorsed incumbent Lawrence Molloy when he first ran four years ago. Before Alec Fisken joined the Port two years ago, Molloy was a lone voice advocating for more open process on a body that has been quite secretive. He is the only candidate who has articulated a vision of the Port as an environmental pioneer that could become a model for other ports across the nation.

“This year’s election could mark a tipping point for the Port of Seattle,” said Scot Brannon, Chapter Executive Committee member. “Of the current five commissioners, two typically vote environmentally. If Molloy wins and we pick up a green candidate in one of the other two races, we’ll see an environment-friendly Port for the first time in decades if not ever.”

Although Molloy has differed with the Sierra Club’s position on the third runway at SeaTac, he has an otherwise sound environmental record as Port Commissioner. His achievements include:

  • Stopping cruise lines from dumping their waste in the Puget Sound
  • Advocating for green building principles at the Port
  • Converting the Port fleet to bio-diesel
  • Securing $1 million in funding for a Puget Sound Maritime Air Pollution Inventory to reduce maritime emissions
  • Initiating sustainable and organic requirements on Port property transfers

“Many people are mystified by the Port and don’t even bother to vote in these races,” said Brannon. “But the Port holds $5 billion in assets, most of which are near sensitive water ways. The Port could be a key ally in cleaning up Puget Sound and the Duwamish.”