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Nick Licata: City Council #6, Seattle

In his seven years on the Seattle City Council, Nick Licata has worked to make Seattle a better place to live by preserving natural places.

“Seattle is surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful river valleys, wetlands, and agricultural plains,” said Licata. “We must not let suburban sprawl destroy this natural treasure. I’ve supported the urban village concept, encouraged development of affordable housing, and promoted construction of mass transit, bike paths, and sidewalks as a way to increase in-city growth.”

“I’m impressed by the fact that Nick understands bedrock environmental ideas such as the precautionary principle,” said Chapter Conservation Chair Beckett Stanley. “In developing its comprehensive plan, he’s made sure that Seattle has adopted a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach to the environment.”

Within the city, Licata has advocated reduced pesticide use, taken the lead on daylighting Thornton Creek, and supported green roofs that strain pollutants out of storm water. Outside city limits, he played a key role in blocking commercial logging of the Cedar River Watershed and lobbied against restarting the Hanford Nuclear Reservation’s Fast Flux Test Facility. He favors farsighted regional transit planning, arguing for light-rail connections to the Eastside and against expanding I-405.

Licata strongly supports King County’s Critical Areas Ordinance, a crucial measure protecting salmon streams, reducing flooding in rural areas, and ensuring that rural residents are treated fairly, both by government and by their neighbors.