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Jake Fey: City Council #2, Tacoma

Jake Fey has been involved in developing environment-friendly energy policy in Washington since the early seventies. Most recently he has used his position as chair of a public utility board to encourage sound environmental policy.

“He's almost a perfect green candidate,” said Chapter Executive Committee Member Bliss Moore. “He has knowledge and experience in environmental issues. He was one of the primary drafters of the state's first energy conservation building code, having served as a high level staffer of the State's Energy Office in the 1970s. Now he’s on the Tacoma Utility Board and is showing his knowledge on energy and global warming related issues, including the Growth Management Act and low impact development principles.”

The Sierra Club expects him to continue championing environmental concerns as a member of the Tacoma City Council. “As energy and other natural resources become more scarce,” said Fey, “the city council needs to provide wise leadership in the use of energy, in the adoption of alternative energy sources and in the protection of land and water within the city.”