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Mike Grady: City Council #6, Mercer Island

Grady has proven an exemplary champion of Sierra Club values after 20 years in local government, where’s he handled land use, transportation, energy, water, and environmental issues. His ongoing mission is to protect and expand Mercer Island’s parks and green spaces.

Grady has been reminding voters that on an island, “There is only so much green space left. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.”

Grady also aspires to provide safer routes for walking and biking. He’s committed to increasing multi-modal transportation options for commuters and vows to ensure Islanders’ access to HOV lanes.

He wants to reduce Mercer Island’s consumption of energy and water, and cut the use of pesticides that damage creeks and Puget Sound. He also advocates the restoration of local salmon populations.

Grady’s opponent espouses similar views, but her contributor list makes her more suspect. One supporter, Jim Horn, is a former state Senator who prioritized highway projects over transit and who as a Mercer Island City Councilman sold park space to developers under the guise of fiscal discipline.

Fortunately, Mike Grady is not of that ilk. He’ll preserve Mercer Island’s natural beauty if elected to the City Council.