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John Rittenhouse: City Council #1, Issaquah

Rittenhouse has extensive experience with land-use issues from his tenure on Issaquah’s Planning Policy Commission. He opposes allowing Issaquah to develop according to a Los Angeles model. He’s a proponent of a multi-modal transportation plan that would get vehicles off the streets and increase pedestrian and bicycle travel. He wants to increase high density, mixed-use development served by bike lanes, walkable destinations, and loop bus service connecting to King County Metro and Sound Transit mass transportation systems.

Rittenhouse says a proposed city by pass road will damage the aquifer that supplies Issaquah’s drinking water, will destroy a sensitive wetland, is too expensive, and will do little to solve traffic problems. He realizes Issaquah is in the urban growth boundary and will have to accommodate increased traffic, but isn’t following the bypass road fallacy.

Instead, Rittenhouse says he’ll find regional solutions. Issaquah is plagued by traffic moving to and from Maple Valley on the Issaquah-Hobart Road – Rittenhouse suggests Maple Valley communities take more responsibility for reducing traffic, and that Issaquah receive a voice on the Puget Sound Regional Council to better control impacts from through traffic.