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Lloyd Hara: Port Commission #3, Seattle

Listening to Lloyd Hara on the stump, you might initially think he is only concerned with the Port's fiscal bottom line. Upon closer inspection, the former King County Auditor and Seattle City Treasurer is revealed to be a reform candidate of highest caliber, committed to both fiscal and environmental accountability at Seattle's port.

The rescue tug in Neah Bay is a key issue in the Position 3 race, and unlike his opponent, Hara is committed to a tug in order to prevent the type of catastrophic oil spill that could devastate Puget Sound. He is also in favor of increasing penalties for polluters, eliminating cruise line dumping in Puget Sound, adhering to green building principles at Port facilities, and increasing the use of more efficient fuels for Port vehicles and commercial vehicles using the Port.

To Hara, the best way for the Port to address environmental issues is to get out in front of problems before they occur or by embracing new technologies as they become available. He believes his fiscal acumen will streamline Port operations which will cut costs and allow greater investment in environmental programs. A pioneer in performance audits, Hara also believes that tracking the Port's environmental performance should be a key performance measure.

Hara is a strong advocate for more transparency and public input in Port decision making. He won his primary race and has raised more than $100,000 from over 700 individual contributors, which demonstrates his strong commitment to grassroots politics.