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I-937: Energy Security: Vote YES (State Initiative)

Global warming has surfaced as a hot issue in numerous fields and communities. Economists, environmentalists, scientists, politicians, faith and labor organizations are focusing on this planetary emergency that is threatening all species. Without a doubt, something must be done. Global warming is a fast moving train that will only continue to pick up speed if we continue to consume fossil fuels at our current rate.

The federal administration continues to teeter-totter on the issue, admitting we are “addicted to oil,” but stalling on the implementation of real solutions. So, Americans are looking to their neighbors and state governments to act on this urgent issue. Here in Washington State, we find ourselves at a crossroads. In the next few decades our population will be increasing and we will need to find new sources for our energy supply. Do we turn to coal, and suffer from the health and environmental consequences, or do we create a local renewable energy economy that will create jobs, stabilize electricity bills, and curb the effects of global warming?

Right now, Washington State has an opportunity to join 20 other states in fighting global warming and promoting energy independence by increasing our use of clean renewable energy.  This fall we want to pass an Energy Security Initiative, I-937, that will require our state to produce 15% of our energy from clean sources by the year 2020.  A statewide coalition, including the Sierra Club, called Washingtonians for Energy Independence has built an impressive volunteer signature gathering effort. The goal is to gather 160,000 volunteer signatures to help get Initiative 937 on the ballot this fall.

To make this happen, we need all hands on deck. Here’s what you can do to help:

1) Contact Lori Stutz at the Chapter office and say, “I want to help make sure we have clean energy in Washington!” You can reach Lori at 206.378.0114 x301 or lori.stutz@sierralcub.org.

2) Talk to friends and family members about this important ballot initiative and make sure everyone is registered to vote.

3) Once we get I-937 on the ballot, vote YES!