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Get Ready -- We’ve Got Work to Do!

By Jessica Eagle, Regional Conservation Organizer

Over the last six months, hundreds of our members participated in the statewide effort to collect signatures for Initiative 937, the Clean Energy Initiative. Thank you to all who participated! We could not have done it without you.

The fight for clean energy is not finished, however. With this year’s important election cycle ahead of us, we can not lose the momentum and determination we have created at a grassroots level. Energy concerns and the discussion around clean energy solutions will draw out tens of thousands of environmentally-friendly voters, if we can create a big enough buzz!

So get ready. We will be calling on Sierra Clubbers as we look at the good, the bad and the ugly on this November’s ballot. We will work to bring clean energy like wind in solar to Washington, and at the same time, fight a horrendous land use initiative.  

To make this happen, we will bring on a staff of six organizers who will work with local volunteers in key locations, including Clark County, where a new campaign office that will be open throughout Election Day in Vancouver, WA. Our energy education campaign will kick-off in July with environmental voter barbeques. Large voter contact events will immediately follow.

The support and involvement from all of our members will guarantee environmental victory this fall. We are excited for the events that lie ahead and look forward to your participation!

To learn more about this top state priority campaign, contact Jessica at jessica.eagle@sierraclub.org or 206.378.0114 x308. If you are interested in throwing a Clean Energy Barbeque with Sierra Club friends and neighbors, please let us know! Also, check out our updated campaign information on the homepage, www.cascade.sierraclub.org.