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Hans Dunshee: State Representative #1, District 44

Hans Dunshee continues to be a standout environmental leader in the Washington State House of Representatives. The Sierra Club has awarded Hans an A+ for his exceptional and consistent advocacy of issues important to us.

Hans is an effective environmental advocate because he is highly respected by his peers and regarded as an expert in the area. Because of his firm grasp of the realities of House politics, he is able to focus his energy on issues in which he can make a difference. Finally, he is never afraid to take a stand on issues that push the envelope. Hans has supported measures for clean cars, green buildings, a modified burn ban, an Oil Spill Advisory Council, and transportation packages that encourage safety and alternative transit, rather than sprawl.

Next session, Dunshee's top priorites include making Washington State a leader in combating global warming. He will actively support production and sale of alternative fuels such as biodiesel. He will also support light rail, encourage conservation measures, and push solar property rights and easements.

Hans intends to work to require Washington State to be energy independent, and he would like to see Washington involved in a Kyoto Protocol arrangement much like the one to which California and Great Britain recently agreed. Hans actively suports the Renewable Energy Initiative 937, and will work to defeat Initiatives 933 and 920.

Visit Hans Dunshee's website at http://www.hansdunshee.org