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Rosa Franklin: State Senator, District 29

Rosa has been the President Pro Tempore in the State Senate and is a key member of the Senate leadership. She’s a retired nurse by profession and has been involved primarily with issues of health, human services, education, justice and labor. She also clearly understands the issues around clean water, clean air, toxics, sprawl, and global warming.

She was a primary sponsor of a bill reducing childhood lead exposure. She was a secondary bill sponsor of bill regulating energy efficiency of certain products, and one regulating heavy metals in child-use soils.

On the Sierra Club legislative report card, she scored a "B" in 2005 and an "A" for 2006. She strongly opposes I-933 and supports I-937. She is a crucial proponent for the environment in the Senate.

For more information: http://www1.leg.wa.gov/senate/franklin/