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Darcy Burner: U.S. Representative, District C8

During our interviews, Burner was eager to get into environmental policy details: She supports the New Apollo Project, an innovative program designed to cure our oil addiction and grow our economy by developing new energy technology; she advocates closing loopholes that allow older power plants to escape pollution standards; she will work to restore federal protection to stream headwaters and isolated wetlands; she will vote to reinstate the 2001 Roadless Rule. In sum, Burner will fight enthusiastically to undo the damage done by the Bush administration to our forests, air and water.

As president of her homeowners association, she led the charge in helping her neighbors understand how they were affected by King County’s updated Critical Areas Ordinance. She has innovative ideas on how to protect our environment and fairly treat developers and landowners. A "Transfer of Development Rights" (TDR) program that moves development rights from sensitive lands into places where development is more appropriate would allow developers to build at greater densities while compensating landowners. Groups such as the respected and non-partisan Cascade Lands Conservancy now advocate TDR’s.

Darcy’s opponent’s record on the environment is poor, and he would not discuss his votes during the interview, or fill out our questionnaire. In 2005, he got a LCV score of 28% and a Defenders of Wildlife score of 33%. We believe that voters in the 8th District will be better served by Darcy Burner, a woman who sees the urgency of the problems ahead, and who has the energy and independent intellect to solve them.

For more information: www.darcyburner.com