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Claudia Kauffman: State Senator, District 47

Claudia Kauffman currently serves as Intergovernmental Affairs Liaison for the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, working with a strong network of public and elected officials on issues including economic development, natural resources and veterans affairs.

Kauffman is closely aligned with Sierra Club on environmental issues. She supports the CAO and urban growth boundaries and will campaign against I-933. She supports removal of the Snake River dams and will work with the tribes to bring more voices to this issue. She also supports the Clean Energy Initiative.

On transportation, she favors tolls, weight-based fees, and a gas tax for funding not only roads, but projects that give us other options such as walking, biking, or mass transit. We think Claudia Kauffman will be a strong voice for the environment in the state Senate.

Visit her website: http://www.claudiaforsenate.com/