Explore, enjoy and protect the planet

Kathy Haigh: State Representative #1, District 35

Kathy has provided consistent support on our issues. We applaud her commitment to environmental education and agree with her that students thrive in classes that connect them directly to the natural world.

Kathy has also worked to clean up Hood Canal, and understands that protecting water quality is important for quality of life and good for the economy. A healthy Hood Canal is critical for our shellfish, fishing and tourist industries. In the next legislative session Kathy will continue to work to provide clean air and water in our state. She is a proponent of wind and solar energy and is interested in innovative solutions to our energy needs.

Kathy is dedicated to public service. She is a compassionate leader and a strong voice for the people of the 35th district.

For more information: http://www1.leg.wa.gov/house/haigh