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Chris Hurst: State Representative #2, District 31

Chris Hurst is running to return to office after taking four years off voluntarily to spend more time with his wife and teenage daughter. Chris is a avid environmentalist whose commitment is supported by his actions and beliefs. He understands the global warming crisis and supports dramatic energy conservation efforts in Washington. Transportation issues are very important to him and he is particularly upset with the lack of a viable transportation plan to handle Cascadia, the huge planned development near Bonny Lake area. He has also been vocal in his opposition to I-933.

His opponent, incumbent Jan Shabro, is horrible on the environment and is strongly supported by the developers; her grades on the Sierra Club legislative report card were "C" for 2006 and "D" for 2005. WCV came out early to strongly endorse Hurst. Chris appears to be an extremely viable candidate and may even be a favored in this race. He appears to have been and surely will be a leader on environmental issues in the House next session.

For more information: http://christopherhurst.org/