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Rodney Tom: State Senator, District 48

The Sierra Club endorses Rodney Tom because he really gets how growth, transit, and global warming are tied together. Rodney Tom, a real estate agent, wants to encourage population density to help preserve our quality of life. He’s willing to try new approaches, such as Transferable Development Rights, to make protecting the environment a marketable commodity and to help sustain rural communities.

He supports public transportation and well-planned growth, which are shown to reduce CO2 emissions. He voted for the Clean Cars bill, and believes that the West Coast could provide leadership in a regional carbon reduction system, without hurting our economy. He supports renewable energy and biofuels, and would be willing to fund water conservation efforts to help farmers. He recognizes the harmful effects of toxics on our children and salmon.

Rodney Tom’s opponent sometimes votes well on our issues, but overall his record, and C+ legislative score, doesn’t match the challenges ahead.

For more information: http://www.rodneytom.org/.