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Larry Seaquist: State Representative #2, District 26

Larry Seaquist is a noted celebrity commentator, author and student of how to make peace in a chaotic world. He’s been featured in the Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post, LA Times, and on TV with Good Morning America, Fox News, and 60 Minutes. He is a retired Captain in the Navy after 32 years of service.

On the environment he sees the big picture of the necessity of environmental stewardship. His answers to our questions on environmental issues are in line with our positions. He sees the energy related issues as a high priority and is interested pursuing the use of tidal currents within the Tacoma Narrows as a viable alternative source.

He believes that state must actually pursue meeting the benchmarks in the Kyoto Protocol not just make a legislative declaration. He’s strongly against I-933 and against undermining the GMA in the tough swing district of the 26th. He has no other D-opponent in the Primary and is facing two non-noteable R-opponents fighting each other in the Primary. He stands an excellent chance of filling Derek Kilmer’s former seat in the House in the 26th District.