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Troy Kelley: State Representative #1, District 28

Troy Kelley is a small business owner, an attorney, active army reservist, and part-time law teacher at Army JAG School. Troy is right on the environmental issues, though has not made it his top priority in his literature because the issues aren’t the top priorities of his swing 28th District. He supports our energy related positions, supports the GMA, and is strongly against I-933. He has strong support from labor, teachers, nurses, and transit workers.

He is endorsed by Sen. Regala, Sen. Kastama, and Rep. Morrell; all folks whom we have endorsed previously. He is actively doorbelling, raising money and facing two Republican opponents fighting each other in the Primary. He stands a fighting chance of gaining this House seat previously held by retiring Gigi Talcott, who scored a "D-" on our legislative report card in 2005 and an "F" in 2006.