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Mark Ericks: State Representative #2, District 1

Representative Mark Ericks is just finishing his first term to the Washington State House. Mark is the Vice Chair on the Financial Institutions & Insurance committee and a member of the Capital Budget, Finance, and Technology, Energy, and Communications committees. He has received a 100% approval by Washington Conservation Voters. During his first term, Mark has been very active as a sponsor of a transportation bill and co-sponsor of a host of environmental bills concerned with renewable energy, clean cars, habitat conservation, protection of our marine wildlife, assessing environmental hazards from lead paint, clean up of waste tires, prohibiting the sale of products that contain polybrominated diphenol ethers, and limiting the phosphorus content in dish soap.

In the upcoming session, Mark will promote a light rail system for the Puget Sound area and encourage Washington state to take an active role in the Kyoto resolutions. His vision includes using solar-grade silica from Washington used to produce solar cells, and retrofitting our dams with innovative turbines, gates and rollers to reduce fishkill. Mark will also support other alternative energy such as wind and geothermal.

Visit Mark Ericks' website: http://www.markericks.org/