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Bob Hasegawa: State Representative #2, District 11

Representative Bob Hasegawa has been a champion for the environment since his days as the leader of Teamsters Local 174. His environmental advocacy has continued in his work in the State Legislature, where he co-sponsored a bill that supported energy freedom through Washington-produced biodiesel and ethanol. The bill established a grant and loan program for funding alternative energy projects that will help us make a dent in our addiction to foreign oil and create jobs for workers and opportunities for our farmers. He also used his position on the Capital Budget Committee to support adequate funding for environmental priorities.

In addition, Hasegawa sponsored bills to create a sustainable energy trust, provide incentives to recycle beverage containers, include plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in motor vehicle provisions, create an energy efficiency program road map, modify voluntary green power program provisions, study military uranium exposure, preserve section 5 of the Marine Mammal Protection Act to protect Puget Sound, and require the LEED Silver environmental standard for all new buildings built with Capital Budget dollars.

Visit his website: http://www.bobhasegawa.com/