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Jay Inslee: U.S. Representative, District C1

Jay Inslee is an environmental guardian and a visionary leader. He has a plan to move us beyond oil and strengthen our economy at the same time, with the New Apollo Energy Project, a bold set of energy policies that will create jobs, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and address the threat of global warming. It is an innovative plan that provides incentives for American businesses to develop new technology and leverages the buying power of the federal government to create an immediate market for their innovations.

Not only is Inslee a leader on clean energy issues, but he is also a champion of our nation's water, air, wild salmon, and forests. As a member of the House Resources Committee, he has consistently voted in favor of strong conservation policies. He believes that if we do not safeguard our precious and uniquely American resources, we will have to live with the responsibility for destroying irreplaceable wilderness areas and wildlife communities.